About Send Secret Message

Send and receive secret anonymous messages from your friends.

See what your friends think about you without them having to let you know who they are!


Send Secret Message is a bit of online messaging fun. Create an account and copy your unique link. Share your link on social media or anywhere with your friends. Your friends can then send secret messages to you without giving their name. You will never know who sent you the message!

Our website and service is 100% free and anyone can join. Create your login and access all of your messages from any device. Our website is mobile friendly and works just like an app. Access your messages in real time at any time.

Find out what your friends think about you and try to guess who sent you the messages. Maybe you will be surprised at some of the messages you receive from your friends. This can be a lot of fun but it can also show you some truths! Maybe someone has a secret crush on you! This service is a lot of fun and will bring out the detective in you!

Registration is fast and simple, all you need is an email address, create your username and password and login to start receiving messages.

All messages are completely annonymous, only you will have access to them and the sender will always remain annonymous.


Register for free now here and get your link instantly.